Hair Color + Highlights

Color compliments a great cut.  What can color do for you?  Color should add shape to your cut, suit the movement of your hair, and match the tone of your skin and eyes.  It can even add texture.  In other words, applying color is both a science and an art.  Ready to color health into your hair?  Aveda’s innovative formulas leave hair essentially damage-free- infused with conditioning plant oils for shinier, healthy-looking color. All color pricing below reflects an initial starting point of your service today based on a 4-6 week regrowth (1/2”-3/4” regrowth) and/or your hair length, density, integrity and design elements. A budget can be discussed with your stylist to complete your hair color masterpiece! All colors start at:

Root Color Only

Usually covers ½-¾” regrowth of hair at root.

  • Apprentice $47-55
  • Studio $63
  • Senior $68
  • Master $73-78

Root Color + Glaze/Toner

Covers ½-¾” regrowth and remainder of hair covered with glaze/toner

  • Apprentice $72-80
  • Studio $88
  • Senior $93
  • Master $98-103
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Root Color + Highlights

Covers ½-¾” regrowth + highlights throughout hair

  • Apprentice $100-105
  • Studio $115
  • Senior $120
  • Master $125-130

Highlights or Lowlights

Add dimension to your existing hair with foil highlights or lowlights

  • Apprentice $82-87
  • Studio $92
  • Senior $97
  • Master $102-107

Partial Foils

Add dimension to your existing hair with 11-20 foils

  • Apprentice $45-50
  • Studio $60
  • Senior $65
  • Master $70-75

All Over Color

Looking to enrich your natural color and go darker? An all over color is used when wanting to color your entire head of hair to a darker shade than your natural hair color. This service is offered as a full application or a retouch.

  • Apprentice $72-80
  • Studio $88
  • Senior $93
  • Master $98-103

Bleach + Tone (Full)

If you’re looking to lighten up, a bleach and tone is for you! A bleach and tone service is used when wanting to color your entire head of hair to a lighter shade than your natural hair color. An initial consultation is necessary before booking this appointment, call to talk to a stylist. Pricing will be determined by desired look and process.

Bleach + Tone (Regrowth)

If you’ve experienced the full bleach and tone service and are looking for a touch-up (maximum of ½”or, 4-6 weeks regrowth), this service is for you. A bleach and tone (retouch) will cover outgrowth and keep your roots looking great.

  • Apprentice $100-105
  • Studio $110
  • Senior $115
  • Master $120-125

Balayage or Ombre

Ombre is more of a horizontal placement and Balayage is more vertical. In short, Ombre is a bit more of a style; Balayage is a technique. Both result in a pretty low maintenance routine, since the color placement is not strict but done in gradual (for Ombre) or sweeping (for Balayage) placement. Colors start at:

  • Apprentice $130-135
  • Studio $145
  • Senior $155
  • Master $165-175

Men’s Grey Blending

Want to shave about 10 years off your look? Then the demi-permanent (washes out in 18-24 washes) grey blending service is for you. Spend 5 minutes at the shampoo bowl… no one will even know!

  • All Levels $29

    Add this on to any hair service

Men’s Permanent All Over Color

Want to permanently change your hair color until it grows out? This service takes 30-40 minutes longer than the grey blending, but hey… some things are worth the wait!

  • Apprentice $45-50
  • Studio $60
  • Senior $65
  • Master $70-75

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