Salon Policy

Ensure your best experience!

Pre-book your next appointment.

A lot of people pre-book their appointments up to 6 weeks in advance, therefore, evenings and weekends go quickly. Do keep in mind that things come up and people reschedule. This is good news for you because you just may luck out and get that time you really want… OR, it at lease it provides flexibility in schedules. No matter what, you are probably going to have to be flexible. Trust me; we really do want to get you in.

Be patient.

Not everyone will be as awesome as you and get here early and may be running a little bit late.

If you need to cancel your appointment PLEASE give us at least 24 hours’ notice.

Someone probably needs your appointment. There is nothing worse than a last-minute cancellation that leaves a 3-hour gap in a stylist’s day (and a smaller paycheck!).

Be on time.

Actually, be 5 minutes early. We have coffee, soda, water and tea to ease the time. Plus, you can catch up on those gossip magazines you have been neglecting.

Be clear on what you need to have done.

If you need your bangs trimmed then let us know when you are booking your time. Is your hair really long? Is it really thick? Do you plan on a major change? These are all things that affect your time in the chair.

15 minutes here, 5 there and suddenly she is running 30 minutes behind for her last client!

When you are dealing with living and breathing people things have a way of getting backed up. We maximize every minute of our day. Busy stylists rarely take time for themselves. They seldom take breaks, eat lunch, and even neglect bathroom breaks (gasp!). We don’t want to be behind any worse than you want us behind… it affects our entire day-even our commitments to our families.

Thank you to all of our understanding clients.

We couldn’t be who we are today without the amazing support of our guests.

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